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Could a commonly used blood pressure drug help prevent dementia? The RADAR trial

22 May 2015

Professor Pat Kehoe is the chief investigator on a new ground-breaking clinical trial (RADAR) on Join Dementia Research, which is examining how a commonly used blood pressure drug called losartan could slow down the rate of progression in Alzheimer’s disease.  The study is funded by an MRC and NIHR partnership. Pat heads the Dementia Research Group at the […]

A questionnaire for people with mild cognitive impairment

A new study that looks at a validating a questionnaire to assess health related quality of life in people with mild cognitive impairment (a condition between normal cognition and dementia) has recently been added to Join Dementia Research. We got in touch with the Chief Investigator, Dr Katherine Dean, to find out more. This new […]

Public rally to volunteer for dementia research on International Clinical Trials Day

20 May 2015

Over 6,000 sign up to Join Dementia Research Over 6,000 people have now signed up to Join Dementia Research to register their interest in volunteering for dementia research studies; and now over 1,000 of them have been enrolled into research. One of the studies that has recruited the most people is a ten-year study for […]

Being part of MADE

19 May 2015

The Minocycline in Alzheimer’s Disease Efficacy (MADE) trial is a new study coming onto ‘Join dementia research’. MADE is a multi-centre, randomised, controlled trial in very mild Alzheimer’s Disease. It aims to determine whether the antibiotic Minocycline is effective in reducing the rate of cognitive and functional decline over a 2-year period and assess the […]

FORGETwest event – finding out about dementia research in the West of England and Wales

8 May 2015

The ‘Join dementia research’ team from the Clinical Research Network: West of England, Ali Hodges and Jane Makin, attended the FORGETwest: Find Out about dementia Research; GET involved event at the UWE Bristol Exhibition and Conference Centre in March. People with dementia, their carers and family members were invited to find out about dementia research in […]

Meet Roger Leek, ‘Join dementia research’ Champion for West Midlands

6 May 2015

My name is Roger. I was a Carer! I was a Carer for my mother who died with Alzheimer’s disease. Some years later I was also a Carer for my wife Teresa who died with Motor Neurone Disease (MND). I lost the two most precious people in my life! Although these tragedies’ were a few […]

Why should we all ‘Join dementia research’?: a short interview with Dr Jo Rodda

5 May 2015

We have just published another video on our  Join Dementia Research YouTube channel. As part of our launch, we interviewed one of the first clinical adopters of the ‘Join dementia research ‘ service. Find out what Dr Jo Rodda an Old Age Psychiatrist from North East London NHS Foundation Trust has to say about ‘Join dementia […]

Two of our champions discuss why they volunteer for dementia research

1 May 2015

Two woman – one living with dementia and one without – but both are volunteering for research! Find out why. The short film features a lively conversation between two of our champions (and prolific bloggers), Wendy Mitchell and Susie Hewer. Wendy was diagnosed with young onset dementia last year at the age of 58. She is living well with dementia […]

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