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‘Join dementia research’ Champion – Annette Ward

11 March 2015

In our series of meeting our ‘Join dementia research’ Champions, this week we meet Annette Ward. Annette’s journey to becoming a ‘Join dementia research’ Champion started with hearing a lecture at the hospital where she works about dementia and delirium. Annette’s mum was affected with dementia, and she doesn’t want future generations to be affected. Annette passionately believes […]

Dementia Research in the North East

10 March 2015

The first volunteer to ‘Join dementia research’ in the North-East region has already participated in a study. Mr. Jerry Wilkins has been helping with research into Lewy Body Dementia by taking part in the AC-DC Study, which hopes to address the upsetting hallucinations that can accompany the condition. You can read about his experiences here. Why […]

The Liraglutide Study into Alzheimer’s Disease

Just as important as the volunteers on ‘Join dementia research’ are the scientists who will be using it. The service will allow them to find and contact volunteers who may be interested in taking part in vital research that could help us understand how dementia works. When Paul Edison was first training to be a […]

‘Join dementia research’ celebrates International Women’s Day

6 March 2015

Ahead of International Women’s Day on Sunday, we take this opportunity to look at the roles of two women involved in ‘Join dementia research’. Wendy Mitchell is a ‘Join dementia research’ Champion. On the 31st July 2014, Wendy was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. She says “I may not have much of a short term […]

Bringing together patients and researchers

5 March 2015

The number of people with dementia is predicted to double over the next 30 years; improving current research will therefore become increasingly vital to understanding this condition and how best to treat it. The Join Dementia Research service is a new initiative that allows people to register their interest in participating in dementia research and match […]

Join Dementia Research – The Northwest and nationwide!

4 March 2015

Welcome to ‘Join dementia research’, where we help volunteers connect with researchers, to work together on important studies into dementia. Some of our volunteers are leading the way by becoming Champions, helping others understand the benefits of participating in research. A former Group Technical Director of a public computing company, after retirement Peter Ashley was diagnosed […]

A big round of applause for our ‘Join dementia research’ friends

2 March 2015

Thank you so much for taking the time out to spread the message about our new service, ‘Join dementia research’ last week. A special thank you to all of those people on social media who re-tweeted the message that helped us reach 4,400 volunteers – up by over 2,500 in less than a week. The service was featured on the […]

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