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A focus on researchers using ‘Join dementia research’

30 March 2015

Today we look at the profiles of two researchers involved in ‘Join dementia research’. Dr Jo Rodda Dr Rodda is a Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist at the North-East London Foundation NHS Trust (NELFT), and was involved in the trialling of ‘Join dementia research’ at NEFLT. She believes her own personal interest in research makes her eminently […]

Dementia Action Alliance: Quarterly Meeting

27 March 2015

It was a busy day on 20 March 2015 at the Spring update quarterly meeting of Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) members held at the College of Occupational Therapists in London. As a new member, ‘Join dementia research’ reports on some of the highlights from the meeting: Dementia and risk reduction The first session came from Public […]

‘Join dementia research’ Champion – Deb Smith

25 March 2015


As we continue to meet our ‘Join dementia research’ Champions, this week it’s Deb Smith. Deb initially found out about ‘Join dementia research’ through the Alzheimer’s Research Network, that she does lay reviews for. She has looked after relatives with dementia, has cared for others with dementia, and known people as friends that have dementia too, […]

‘Join dementia research’ in Scotland with the Glasgow Memory Clinic

20 March 2015

Today 90,000 people in Scotland are living with dementia, and that figure is set to rise. Finding better ways to prevent and treat people with dementia, and ways to improve care and diagnosis are vitally important, and research is at the heart of the solution. Scotland has a fantastic track record in the delivery of dementia research, and this is set […]

‘Join dementia research’ Champion – Dianna Moylan

18 March 2015

We’re fortunate to have a team of dedicated champions who are helping to spread the word about the work of ‘Join dementia research’. Continuing our series on meeting these ‘Join dementia research’ Champions, this week we hear from Dianna Moylan. “When my mother, at a little over sixty, began to show signs of forgetfulness, we accommodated […]

‘Join dementia research’ at the Alzheimer’s Research UK conference

16 March 2015

‘Join dementia research’ (, along with the Clinical Research Network: Dementias & neurodegeneration specialty, was at the Alzheimer’s Research UK 2015 Conference on 10th and 11th March at Senate House, London.  The conference is the largest dementia research conference in the UK. It saw 450 dementia researchers gather together; and ‘Join dementia research’ were there to […]

The Pfizer SAM-760 Study

14 March 2015

More studies are being added to ‘Join dementia research’ all the time – and we’re working hard to connect volunteers with researchers, helping them to collaborate on vital research into dementia. We are focusing on another study that has been recently added, and we are always seeking more people who might be eligible to take […]

‘Join dementia research’ visits Dementia Friends Information Session

13 March 2015

‘Join dementia research’ visited a Dementia Friends information session led by Dr Shibley Rahman last month. Dementia Friends is an initiative from one of our partners here at ‘Join dementia research’, Alzheimer’s Society.   Dr Shibley started off with giving 5 key facts about dementia: Dementia is not a natural part of ageing Dementia is […]

The Lundbeck Starbeam Study

‘Join dementia research’ is a brand new online service, allowing volunteers for studies to be connected with researchers around the country. We’re looking at a study that has just been added to the site, and is recruiting for volunteers now! The purpose of the study is to find out whether a new research drug, given […]

First South West ‘Join dementia research’ match for dementia research study

12 March 2015

The first Devon couple to be matched with a dementia research study through ‘Join dementia research’ have shared their experience as a patient and a carer. David and Jan Barwick registered their interest in participating in research with ‘Join dementia research’ through Alzheimer’s Society website. They have already contributed to a national research initiative called The IDEAL Study […]

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