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Join the Tommorrow Study Today!

29 January 2015

‘Join dementia research’ is the brand new, online service that can connect volunteers and researchers, working together on vital studies into dementia. New studies are being added to the service all the time, and we’re pleased to be able to inform you about the TOMMORROW study, that has just begun recruiting! Study Background The World […]

The PrOVIDe Study: Videos

28 January 2015

Join Dementia Research is an online service that will connect volunteers and researchers, working together on studies into dementia around the country. This week, we’re showing you short interviews with those researchers and volunteers – to let people know exactly the kind of studies being carried out, that you can take part in through ‘Join dementia research’. […]

York’s Join Dementia Research Champion

‘Join dementia research’ is all about connecting volunteers to researchers, and helping them work together to beat dementia. Some of those volunteers have stepped up to champion the new service around the country, and today we spoke to Wendy Mitchell, an NHS employee with a recent diagnosis of dementia. Wendy hasn’t let it slow her […]

Listen to Dr John-Paul Taylor discuss a Lewy Body Dementia Study

27 January 2015

Dr John-Paul Taylor is a Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellow at the Institute for Ageing, which forms part of the University of Newcastle. His research is centred on Lewy body dementia, a very common form of dementia after Alzheimer’s disease, and his studies are recruiting through Join dementia research. “I’m currently involved in two research studies which are focussed on Lewy body […]

Research Videos Week

26 January 2015

Join dementia research is a new service, funded by the Department of Health, and run by the National Institute for Health Research in partnership with leading charities Alzheimer’s Research UK and Alzheimer’s Society. It is the first national service to provide a simple and easy way to register your interest in taking part in dementia […]

Championing ‘Join dementia research’ in the North East

23 January 2015

Very soon ‘Join dementia research’ will be nationally launched as an online service, helping to connect volunteers with researchers who are working on ways to understand and treat dementias. We recently spoke to volunteer Andrew Brown, who is also one of our Champions in the North East, explaining to people and the press about the […]

Connecting researchers to ideal patients

22 January 2015

The team at the Imperial College Memory Research Unit, led by Dr Paul Edison, is researching Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment (a midway stage between normal age-related memory loss and the more serious decline of dementia). The team use PET and MRI scans to explore the mechanisms that lead to dementia, with the ultimate […]

Make a Difference in 2015

9 January 2015

Happy New Year from the ‘Join dementia research’ team! We had a very busy end to the year, ensuring that the service was ready to be used nationally. As a result, 1,350 people are now registered to the service, with many more to come. Make a Difference We want 2015 to be the year to Make a Difference. Very […]

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