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#24DaysOfDementiaResearch – The HALL-VIS-ATT Study

16 December 2014

Each day until Christmas, #24DaysOfDementiaResearch will focus on one study that is recruiting volunteers right now. People who want to participate in dementia research can sign up with ‘Join dementia research’, a new online service that helps volunteers find research studies that need their help. Today’s study is ‘HALL-VIS-ATT’, which is aiming to help researchers and […]

#24DaysOfDementiaResearch – ‘LewyPro’

15 December 2014

As part of #24DaysOfDementia, we are showcasing a research study each day until Christmas. These studies are recruiting now through ‘Join dementia research’, a new online service that connects volunteers with researchers to collaborate on vital work towards fighting dementia. Today’s study is ‘LewyPro’, where researchers are looking to improve diagnosis of Dementia with Lewy […]

#24DaysOfDementiaResearch – “Blood Proteins and Dementia”

14 December 2014

In the run-up to Christmas, visit our blog each day for a new research study available on ‘Join dementia research’, a new online that will connect volunteers with research staff on dementia studies around the UK. Today, the #24DaysOfDementiaResearch campaign is looking at a study dedicated to helping medical professionals diagnose the causes of dementia faster and […]

#24DaysOfDementiaResearch – The ‘LonDownS’ Study

13 December 2014

Welcome to the latest news from ‘Join dementia research’, the new service connecting volunteers and researchers on studies into dementia research. Today is another update from #24DaysOfDementiaResearch where we highlight a single study that is recruiting right now on ‘Join dementia research’. We talked to Dr. Tamara Al-Janabi, who is part of a a team from […]

#24DaysOfDementiaResearch – The ‘AFFECT’ Study

12 December 2014

Behind today’s door of the ‘Join dementia research’ advent calendar, we are learning about the ‘AFFECT’ study – which is very unique! This is the first large-scale research study that is a collaboration between researchers in Northern Ireland, and staff at the Dementias and Neurodegenerative Specialty  in England. It is also being jointly funded by […]

The ‘GREAT’ Study

11 December 2014

Today, we’re looking at how talking to a therapist can really help people handle problems with their memory, as part of the GREAT study – Goal­-oriented cognitive Rehabilitation in EArly ­sTage dementia. Aims of the Study The GREAT trial is a large research study that looks at ways of helping people to live well with […]

#24DaysOfDementiaResearch – The ‘IDEAL’ Study

10 December 2014

We are always working towards finding a cure for dementia. But what about improving the quality of life for people, here and now? That’s the question researchers are asking on the IDEAL study, and they want your help in finding the answer! ‘Join dementia research’ is a new online national service connecting volunteers with research […]

#24DaysOfDementiaResearch – The ‘Uptake & Kinetics’ Study

9 December 2014

Here is another update from the ‘Join dementia research’ team as part of our #24DaysOfDementiaResearch. We’re showcasing a research study each day in the run-up to Christmas, and letting you know how you can get involved. ‘Join dementia research’ is home to some of the most exciting work in the dementia field,  looking for new […]

#24DaysOfDementiaResearch – The ‘LMTM’ Study

8 December 2014

Research into new drugs for treating illnesses can be some of the most exciting studies carried out. One drug trial is the subject for today’s #24DaysOfDementiaResearch, our ongoing look at one study a day on ‘Join dementia research’, the brand new volunteer service for the Clinical Research Network. Aims of the Study There is a rare […]

Championing ‘Join dementia research’

MORE than one thousand people have now registered their interest in taking part in dementia studies across the country, as part of the ‘Join dementia research’ service. The service will be launched early next year, but it is already been promoted at a regional level across the country by local champions. We interviewed Sue Boex, who is one of […]

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