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The PROTECT study – Fighting dementia from the comfort of your own home

19 June 2017

Dr Anne Corbett, Lead investigator for the PROTECT project

PROTECT is an extraordinary long-term project that is supplying dementia researchers with vital information through a series of online assessments and games. Participants are invited to take part in a range of studies, some of which involve the completion of a short series of brain training games, taking no longer than 15 minutes. Contributors have […]

“Alzheimer’s is like going down a spiral staircase. But if enough people take part in research, we will beat it.”

17 May 2017

For many people, retirement is something to look forward to. A time to live a nice life, well-earned after years of hard work. But sadly, for couples like Janet and Andy Gumbrill, a diagnosis of young-onset Alzheimer’s disease, can turn all those plans on their head. Childhood sweethearts and married since 1978, the couple live […]

Research assistant reveals the challenges and rewards of recruiting for dementia studies

People working in research often need tact, understanding and an ability to be sensitive and discreet. This is certainly the case for Daniel Kelleher. Daniel, 25, a research assistant with Humber NHS Foundation Trust, is one of a team of researchers who visits the homes of people living with dementia to see if they would […]

West Oxfordshire grandmother speaks of dementia battle and research hopes

16 May 2017

Joan and Bill Cansfield

This article has been reproduced from the National Institute for Health Research website. A woman with dementia has spoken movingly of her battle and why she is taking part in research to help others. Joan Cansfield, 76, who was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment in April 2014, spoke at the beginning of Dementia Awareness Week (May […]

Two older drugs could be ‘repurposed’ to fight dementia

21 April 2017

This article has been reproduced from the NHS Choices website. “Depression and cancer drugs offer hope for dementia sufferers,” Sky News reports. The headline is prompted by a study looking at the effect of two drugs – one used to treat depression and another being trialled for cancer treatment – on neurodegenerative diseases. Neurodegenerative diseases […]

How can assessing people’s cognitive abilities reflect changes in cognitive over time?

19 April 2017

To understand how Alzheimer’s disease progresses and to evaluate effective treatments assessing cognition is important. However, assessments can be time consuming and not accurately reflect change in cognition over time. The Capturing Changes in Cognition (CatCh-Cog) study is looking to address these issues and develop a sensitive and time saving cognitive assessment. Kate Forsyth, the […]

LINKAGE Camden Study

11 April 2017

Delirium is a medical term used to describe a change in brain function which makes a person become suddenly confused. Their behaviour and concentration may also be affected. It can make people feel frightened, restless and suspicious. The symptoms can come on quickly and change from hour to hour. It is very common, particularly among […]

‘Getting help for forgetfulness’ – Encouraging timely help-seeking for dementia in Black African and Caribbean families

7 April 2017

NIHR CLAHRC (Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care) North Thames has produced a new resource to help Black African and Caribbean elders seek help from their GP when experiencing memory problems. The CLAHRC has developed a leaflet with information on why it makes sense to visit your GP if you experience memory […]

Eye Movement Analysis to Improve Screening for Alzheimer’s

3 April 2017

A new study looking at eye movements to support diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease has recently been added to Join Dementia Research. The study, ‘Eye Movement Analysis to Improve Screening for Alzheimer’s disease’, forms part of PhD research for Julia Blair at Glasgow Caledonian University. Julia answers some of our questions to find out more. What […]

Join Dementia Research Champion to publish book

30 March 2017

A Join Dementia Research Champion from Yorkshire hopes that co-writing a new book will help to allay some of the fear and stigma which currently surrounds the condition. Wendy Mitchell is the author of the widely-read blog Which Me Am I Today? which documents her life living with dementia since being diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s […]

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