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Hypertension in Dementia

25 June 2015


Hypertension in Dementia Feasibility Study The Hypertension in Dementia Feasibility Study aims to evaluate if medication against high blood pressure can be withdrawn in people with dementia while their blood pressure remains normal. Blood pressure medication has beneficial effects (it reduces the risk for stroke, heart attacks and other cardiovascular events – although this has […]

Promoting Dementia Research in Humber

23 June 2015

Lauren Sugden

National Dementia Awareness Week: Promoting Dementia Research in Humber Today we hear from Lauren Sugden, Research Assistant at Humber NHS Foundation Trust to fill us in on what the Trust have been up to in promoting dementia research: As part of National Dementia Awareness week (17-23 May 2015), the ‘Ok to Ask’ about clinical research campaign […]

Update to volunteer declaration

22 June 2015


On the 16th June 2015, the Join Dementia Research consent wording was changed. This was necessary to enable us to link to the Health & Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), and excess mortality information. By linking to HSCIC we can ensure that deceased volunteers can be automatically removed, to save any potential upset that could […]

Looking at end of life care for people with dementia

17 June 2015

two people discussing

SEED (Supporting Excellence in End of Life Care in Dementia) is part of a five-year programme of research supporting professionals to deliver better quality, community-based end of life care for people with dementia and their families. We caught up with Chief Investigator, Louise Robinson, to find out more. So why this study? People with dementia already […]

U Hla Htay is a Join Dementia Research Champion in North West London


Getting back to our series of ‘Meet the Champions’, this week we meet U Hla Htay, who is a Join Dementia Research Champion in North West London. U Hla Htay is an active member of the dementia research community, describing himself as a full-time volunteer, he is a Research Network volunteer at Alzheimer’s Society, a Carer […]

Brief questionnaire for carers of people with mild dementia

15 June 2015


Are you a carer of someone with mild dementia? A study entitled Validation of a Tool to Assess Daily Activities, is looking at changes in the motivation and performance of activities of daily living in people with memory problems (specifically those with a diagnosis of mild dementia). This is then analysed against the results of […]

Cognition and Everyday Function in Early Dementia

11 June 2015


This week is Carers week; and today we look at a study that involves informal carers. The Cognition and Everyday Function in Early Dementia study tries to evaluate how memory and the ability to process information (cognition), is linked to performance of everyday tasks such as preparing a hot meal or taking medication. Little is […]

Adventures in Dementia Awareness Week

4 June 2015


Dementia Awareness Week was a busy one for Join Dementia Research Champion Chris Carling. Here we find out why. What did you get up to during Dementia Awareness Week? Not only did I give talks in libraries in Bedford and in Oakham based on my book ‘But Then Something Happened: A Story of Everyday Dementia’, I […]

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